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After not being paid for services rendered (web design), My client and I became engaged in a bitter fight. His attorney issued a cease & desist order asking that I make no contact with him.

Perhaps a week later I received a phone call from a Don Nicodemous. He identified himself as being with a collections law firm (Carson Rose & Assoc.). He explained he knew I was trying to collect money from a client ($4k), and informed me that "there were "others trying to collect from him" as well. Naturally I was curious.

He asked if I were interested in having his firm try to collect for me as well. I carefully outlined all details of my situation including the C & D order from my clients attorney. I specifically asked, "Is there any conflict with that?" He replied,'No - one has nothing to do with another'. Based on his information, and his advising I really had "nothing to lose", I was faxed a collections contract, signed it, faxed it back.

Within two days I received a call from my ex-clients attorney advising me that the harassing calls from Don Nicodemous were, in fact, a violation of the Cease & Desist. She was very careful in describing the dynamic. She advised my-ex client was going to take further legal action in light of my breach of the C & D.

Wanting to minimize damage and collect my thoughts, I contacted Carson Rose & Assoc., Don Nicodemous in particular, and explained his advice and assurance regarding the C & D was totally wrong/inaccurate - and in fact I faced further legal action unless Carson Rose & Assoc ceased all collection efforts immediately.

Nicodemous was abrupt and seemed terribly angry. I admonished him that had he not lied, telling me the Cease & Desist order was unrelated to his collection effort, I would not be in this situation.

After ranting a while, Nicodemous informed me there was a covenant in the Carson Rose contract that forbid me to cancel collections! Beyond, if I did stop the collection effort, I would be responsible to pay his 1/3 commission or $1,300.

I was outraged and very directly pointed out had he not lied about collections conflicting with the Cease & Desist - and had he informed me I would be responsible for his commissions if I needed to cancel his service, I would never have retained his services.

Nicodemous then hung up, without a word. Within 10 minutes an invoice from Carson Rose & Assoc. was faxed over requesting immediate payment of the $1,300 in


As I tried to call and e-mail to make my case, I found Carson Rose & Assoc had BLOCKED my phone number and e-mail address.

Interestingly - another web designer had the exact experience with my ex-client, after picking up where my work left off. She (Chis) had a terrible experience with this client as well, invoiced him, was not paid either, and issued a Cease & Desist order as she tried to collect.

Literally identical situations.

Having this in common Chris contacted me and we shared our common experience.

She had received a call from Carson Rose & assoc. (remarkable, hm?) and was told (as was I), that her C & D had NOTHING to do with collections, etc. She stopped the collections as I did, after the attorney advised her of further legal action.

CR&A invoiced Chris, as they did me, demanding she pay the commission herself. Chris took the matter to heart more quickly than I, did quite a bit of research, and found some fascinating information regarding CR&Associates.

1. All collections entities in Texas are required to post an "A Surety Bond" of $10k with the States Attorney's office. We were informed by the Sec'y Of State (TX.) that

CR&A had no such bond with the Attorney General's Office - and therefor was NOT LICENSED to DO BUSINESS in Texas. The paper work, from the same agency, is being mailed to us as I write this.

2. After Chris had filed several reports on,, and found a good deal of personal information that would be unquestionably embarrassing to Brandon Douglas Bradshaw (V.P. of CR&A), posting this information as well (, Chris finally got Doug's attention and he called her.

She provided Doug with THE DIGITALLY TAPED CONVERSATION WITH DON NICODEMOUS (his first call in which he lied to her - as he did too me). After hearing Don manipulate the truth and misrepresent himself and CR&A, Doug e-mailed Chris admitting Nicodemous was wrong, "would be reprimanded", and assured her he would dismiss her invoice offering his apologies:, which he did! But not mine?

Please remember that Chris' situation (Cease & Desist), and mine, were virtually IDENTICAL. Since I had not begun business tactics that a cowboy mentality group such as CR&A understands, they as of this writing have blocked all attempts to make contact. Dismissing Chris' invoice, and NOT ADDRESSING MINE, is commonly called DISCRIMINATION. You must treat IDENTICAL situations in IDENTICAL ways, without bias or prejudice. CR&A isn't very effective with the law, nor have they fully recognized what their DISCRIMINATORY actions will cost them. I have sent overnight paperwork showing in detail my identical circumstances, and requesting they dismiss my invoice as they did Chris'. Tomorrow (October 15th) will tell much of what is to follow.

3. Both Chris and I have been hung up on, and Doug Bradshaw seems to have little problem with woman & profanity. If you'd browse to the following URL:, and find your way to the bottom of the page Chris has created, you'll be be able to click the sound bar and hear Doug's profane manner of communicating in business.

You'll find a good deal of other fascinating data that Chris unearthed. Check the page carefully.

I DEMAND Carson Rose & Assoc. vacate my invoice, as they did Chris', for the lies I was presented with, and misrepresentation that created this nuisance matter.

There hardly seems need to redundantly advise, but do consider this information and all that Chris has discovered as well before doing ANY business with Carson Rose & Associates. They are currently advertising for "INSIDE SALES REPS" (Nicodemous' smarmy job) on, in the Washington Post, and various other employment venues. Perhaps those who carry their ads should consider CR&A are apparently not bonded in Texas, and therefore doing business without license. This is documented. Contact us and we can provide the phone number for the Attorney General's Office. Ask if CR&A has an A Surety Bond with the Sec'y of States office. They will tell you "NO".

Keep an eye on Carson Rose & associates name. I'm waiting to hear from Doug Bradshaw tomorrow (10-15-09). If my invoice is NOT dismissed, as was Chris' for Don's lies, We'll have some fascinating follow-ups on the "organization" and it's principles and puppets.

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Carson Rose Carrollton, Tx (Also was operating under InternationalFreight Credit Ltd) and in particular a David Kreitmeye/John Berens owes my members monies exceeding USD10,000.00.This Carson Rose are meant to be a debt collector but in fact ramp up debts themselves.

You state they do not have a licence to operate under their name?

Regards Roy


"Investigator, Steve Taylor, has been contacting my son (who is a student) regarding an alleddged debt an ex-employer owed.Taylor claims that my son was a contact number (which was given by another pror employee in the office).

They started calling during the week before exams and called as many times as 14 in 1 hour (on his cell) I have already filed a complaint with the FTC.

THey are liars, cheaters and threating while on the phone.

The calls ceased for a couple of weeks but I just received 2 this morning...the recording upon answering is"a legal action in about to proceed against me 1 to talk to someone about those actions".

What a bunch of losers.Their mother's must be soo embarrassed and ashamed of them.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #239677

I cannot believe companies like this still operate day to day..I listed some accounts with them in November 2010.

In December they collected on one of them by agreeing to payment in full without the customer paying the collection fees whcih I have in our agreement with them.They are chargiong me the fees and here it is January 24 and I still have not seen a dime from Carson Rose even though they collected monies from my client almost 2 months ago.

I too have filed a complaint today with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General is my next move.


put these jackasses out of buisness please they operate with no licence use illegal tactics lie curse insult your intelligence and pretend to be attorneys please someone report them to the proper agency


put these jackasses out of buisness please they operate with no licence use illegal tactics lie curse insult your intelligence and pretend to be attorneys please someone report them to the proper agency


Brandon Douglas Bradshaw has never utilized the services of Christal Scott or Amazing Web Design

Services. The parties have resolved their dispute amicably.



Douglas Bradshaw has never utilized the services of Christal Scott or Amazing Web Design

Services. The parties have resolved their dispute amicably.


regardless of thier ILLEGAL collection practices, and false representation as "attorneys", even if a company hires them to collect a debt, all they do is call the debtor with an automated recording, at different intervals(2-4 minutes or every 15 min., etc.)- which is not just annoying, but downright hilariuos in the language the use. the old redneck granny JILL JONES is the most hilarious to talk to, and getting her upset on the phone is a total hilariuos hoot!!!!

legal practices: FAIL!

professionalism: FAIL!!

amounts collected: FAIL!!!

overall score: FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL


This gentleman that works for this company named Jeff Tate consistently calls my cell phone asking for a payment on a collection account that is not even mine.He has hung up in my face while yelling, left harassing messages on my answering machine, and called me out of my name.

I cannot believe they are even allowed to do business with anyone because this is more than unprofessional. I simply called the number back to get information as to why they were calling another number of mine and he took it upon himself to take down my number and begin to call me daily. If my name isn't in their system for owing any debt I don't understand how that is legal to call me. Also when I answer the phone he yells that he wants the money, the money, the money.

He has hung up in my face 2 times while we were yelling at each other because I told him to stop calling and when I called back to asked why he called me and then hung up in my face he simply replied if I wasn't making a payment there wasn't anything to talk about.

I'm so frustrated because this is wasting my daytime minutes as well as demeaning to me for a debt that's not even mine.I would highly recommend people not hire them to collect funds because that doesn't make people want to pay.


CRA contacted the firm I'm working at this morning and was very rude.Insisting that I pull the president out of a meeting.

The office manager spoke to Chris instead and someone else at CRA used profanity with her.Not a professional company.

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